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Safe Environment

Our Collaborators

At Los Pinos, our collaborators enjoy a safe environment in every aspect: work, physical, emotional, and organizational. We are committed to ensuring their well-being and safety, creating an atmosphere where they can thrive and reach their full potential with confidence and peace of mind.

Child Labor Free Company

In our company, we ensure that there are no underage workers and that there are enough schools available for all the children of the field workers. The program even requires interaction with parents about the necessity of education for their children.

Dignified Work in the Field

We promote dignified work in the field, closely collaborating with organizations dedicated to protecting and empowering our agricultural workers. We strive to ensure fair and respectful working conditions, guaranteeing the comprehensive well-being and development of every collaborator.


At Los Pinos, we ensure that education is available for the underage children of our collaborators, covering from daycare to primary education. Additionally, we offer educational opportunities for adults, reaffirming our commitment to the comprehensive development of our working families.

Medical Care for Workers' Families

At Los Pinos, we provide social security benefits such as medical care from IMSS, and we also have medical dispensaries and clinics, from the housing area to the field, offering medical care to collaborators and their families, as well as vaccination campaigns, hygiene education courses, and other health activities. We also have a nutritionist within the daycare and education systems.

Migrant Culture

At Los Pinos, we value and respect the migrant culture of our collaborators. We are committed to responsible hiring, providing clear and complete information for their full understanding. We foster simple and direct communication, respecting their traditions and creating an environment where they feel at home. We offer timely translation programs and access to education, ensuring their well-being and integration.

Social Activities

At Los Pinos, we ensure that workers and their families have access to non-work-related activities such as sports tournaments, cultural events, and learning seminars, promoting a healthy and enriching community environment.

Green Agriculture

Water Conservation

At Los Pinos, water conservation is a fundamental priority. We implement sustainable practices for its efficient and responsible use, ensuring the preservation and quality of this vital resource. We are committed to comprehensive water management in all our operations, promoting its conservation and protecting the environment for future generations.

Our Process

We Care About the Environment

We have made the environment a priority at Los Pinos. Here are some of the activities we undertake:

  • Environmental Management Commission: We are currently implementing a top-tier Environmental Management Commission (EMC) program in collaboration with environmental management experts.
  • Proper Waste Management: Proper management of organic and inorganic waste to prevent environmental contamination.
  • Better Water Use: Water is rapidly becoming a precious resource and must be treated as such. We have implemented the most advanced technologies available to preserve this limited resource and will continue to do so in the future.
  • Reduction in Fertilizer Use: Reduction in the use of fertilizers by applying compost created from organic materials produced within the fields (plants, fruits, soil, etc.).