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We produce and export quality on time.

We specialize in cultivating the highest quality agricultural products, primarily for international markets, where they are highly valued and in demand.

We are leaders in the production and export of Roma Tomatoes, Round Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Brussels Sprouts.


San Quintin, Baja California

Production hectares

Baja California

Over 70 Years of Experience

With over 70 years of experience, our family-owned company, based in San Quintín, Baja California, has established itself as a benchmark in the agricultural sector. This extensive trajectory has allowed us to perfect our techniques and processes, ensuring products of the highest quality. Our dedication and deep market knowledge give us the ability to adapt to the changing needs of our customers, always ensuring excellence in every product that reaches their shelves.

With Excellence and Social Responsibility

Technology and Sustainability

Committed to sustainable agricultural practices and environmental protection, Los Pinos employs technologies that enable us to efficiently manage resources and produce more with less.

Superior Quality Guaranteed

With rigorous attention to quality and freshness, Los Pinos guarantees top-tier agricultural products, cultivated to exceed the expectations of global customers. We focus our efforts on perfect logistics to deliver quality on time.

We Value Your Trust

At Los Pinos, your trust is our most cherished asset. Every day, we strive to cultivate lasting relationships through integrity, transparency, and an unwavering commitment to quality. We understand the importance of trust at every stage of our process, from the field to the shelf, ensuring that every product we offer reflects our respect for our customers and our passion for excellence.

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